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Lost Generation .. You must watch this, it’s fantastic

A very good friend of mine sent this to me the other day, I can’t stop thinking about it and watching it, its fantastic, so just HAD to share it on here, Read the text first then watch the short … Continue reading

The Best Party Invitations Online

I’ve created a squidoo page called ‘The Best Party Invitations Online’ to show some of the best talent around on zazzle, and to save time in searching if your looking to buy party invites. This is the link I … Continue reading

Cute Otter in Blossom Photo

I thought i’d post my latest photo here and share it with the world as its so cute 🙂

Bank Holday Weekend Fun

Yay it’s bank holiday weekend and i’m spending most of it decorating my house! Bank holidays don’t really make a difference to us as i’m a self employed so work every hour i physically can, and my husband works away for … Continue reading

My design has been featured

yay i’ve had one of my t-shirts featured on ‘the tee shirt pimp’ website, its on this page about half way down on the left, It’s a pink t-shirt with a photo of a lotus flower that i took in the … Continue reading

Psychedelic Rainbow Zebra Print Shoes

My latest shoe design. These shoes are available to buy in my zazzle shop (just click on the link under the picture and it will take you there) Memorial Weekend Special! Use Code: ZAZZLEMMSALE to get 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE … Continue reading

Purple Blue and Pink Water Drop Photo

Thought i’d have a brake from decorating my house and post a picture for you guys to look at and hopefully enjoy! Hope it leaves you with a tranquil feeling indide 🙂 You can buy this picture as a download … Continue reading

Make your own Greeting Cards

Click on the image or on the links and add your own text and pictures to this greeting card, I also stock lots of other products like t-shirts, shoes, iphone and ipad cases, mugs, magnets, keyrings, binders, business cards, invitations … Continue reading

Party Invitation with Rainbow Swirl Abstract Design

One of my latest designs Rainbow Swirl Abstract Pattern Party Invitation by PhotographyByPixieView a different custom printed invite from   Please visit my UK shop here or my dot com shop here I hope you enjoy looking … Continue reading

butterfly on a daisy photo

via been adding new pictures to my shutterpoint account, check them all out here

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature. The Sandpit – love this :)

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature. via [vimeo w=400&h=225] The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Cute Baby Otter Photo


Sushi and Snoring

Yay my husband came home last night, he works away for a couple of weeks at a time in the middle of the north sea.It’s good to have him back, but just wish he didn’t snore and keep me awake … Continue reading

My latest Design .. don’t forget your sunglasses!!

Psychedelic Rainbow Zebra ipad case design Rainbow Zebra Print by PhotographyByPixie

sexy cheeky girl photo


Owl Eyes Photo


My Top 10 Favorite Photographs

I’ve created this blog to show my top 10 favorite photos that i’ve taken over the last few years. They’re all available to buy as framed prints, posters and canvases in my shop as well as many other items like … Continue reading

What NO Apocalypse?

Well i’ve woken up this morning and it seems like they misjudged the promised Apocalypse and the world is still here! or could it be that me and my cat are the only ones left ……. or has everyone turned … Continue reading

What time is the world ment to end ?

Hmmm I heard the world was ment to end at 6pm this evening, just as i was thinking we’d all survived it I read it’s ment to end at 10pm, then someone else said 11pm Aagghhh how much time have … Continue reading

Just started to use posterous and trying to work it all out!!

Just started to use posterous and trying to work it all out!!

Happy days in the sun

The sun is shining and I’m out in it! I’ve been taking macro shots of flowers this morning after spending a lovely evening with friends, films and Italian food! good times 🙂

Busy as a little bee

I need a holiday, or a rest at least! We got back from Cornwall a couple of weeks ago and I spent all of last week working in London & Manchester. We were filming in the day and photographing at … Continue reading

My latest design .. Rainbow Zebra Print Shoes

Rainbow Zebra Print by PhotographyByPixie Rainbow Zebra Print Pro Keds High Top Shoes from

purple and pink pansy photo

purple and pink pansy, a photo by Photography By Pixie on Flickr. Via Flickr: purple and pink pansy Please see my .com shop here Please see my shop here

Make your own iphone case

iphone 4 case – Make your own custom by PhotographyByPixie iphone 4 case – Make your own custom from