Busy as a little bee

I need a holiday, or a rest at least!
We got back from Cornwall a couple of weeks ago and I spent all of last week working in London & Manchester.
We were filming in the day and photographing at night, I can’t say too much about the job as it’s confidential, but it was great fun and lots of hard work!

We traveled back last Friday night while watching a beautiful sunset out of the train window, only to see a beautiful sunrise the next morning as I’d been catching up with emails and other work all night! Time flies!

I’ve been working on a couple of websites, getting some designs ready for print and adding new products to my shop for the rest of the week and finally feel I’ve caught up .. Now it’s time to sort out all the photos from Cornwall and get them online before my computers harddrive is completely full!

Please visit my UK shop here www.zazzle.co.uk/photographybypixie or my dot com site here www.zazzle.com/photographybypixie

About Photography By Pixie

Photographer, graphic designer and fractal artist from Cambridge UK. Loves photographing bright colours, creating fun designs and making psychedelic fractal art in adobe photoshop.

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