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How to create kaleidoscope fractal art from your photos

People always ask me how I create my kaleidoscope fractal art so thought i’d put this tutorial together on my blog for all to see. I create my kaleidoscopes in photoshop and start with at least one base picture (it’s good to choose … Continue reading

Amazing hand art – Great Inspiration for Artists

I really love this hand art, the giraffe and the zebra are amazing, i must have a go at creating my own! [youtube]

Amazing Site – a must see!! .. Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor

I stumbled upon this site earlier and had to share it in this blog, I think it’s amazing!! I’d love to scuba dive around these beautiful creations. Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor

Greeting Cards Blog

I’ve created this blog to show some of the best selling greeting cards available to buy in my shop. They’re all created using my own photography and artwork and can be customised and personalised by adding your own text or … Continue reading

My Latest Fractal Art Design

This is my latest fractal design, It was made by manipulating a photograph in photoshop, lots of shapes and patterns can be seen when it’s viewed at full size and it’s all the colours of the rainbow. This design and … Continue reading

Summer Solstice and Stonehenge

Happy Summer Solstice everyone, i’m thinking of all the people celebrating at Stonehenge in the rain, I hope it brightens up for everyone tomorrow and the sky is full of pretty colours when the sun comes up! I’m staying in … Continue reading

Psychedelic Pink & Purple Fractal Art Shoes / Boots

These funky shoes are available to buy in my shop   (just click on the link under the picture and it will take you there) Psychedelic Fractal pink purple by PhotographyByPixie

Psychedelic Fractal Art Print .. don’t forget your sunglasses!!

I created this print using photoshop, it took about 12 hours to complete and is available to buy in my shop. Just click on the picture or text and it will take you there. Crazy Fractal Print by PhotographyByPixie

Sunflower Photo Greeting Card

My latest Greeting Card design. I took this photo last summer and thought it would make a great greeting card, it’s nice and bright and will bring a smile to everyones face. This card is available to buy in my … Continue reading

wow!! i’ve just got 3 ‘todays best awards’ for these items in my shop

Yes 3 awards in 1 day, i’m so happy that the people of zazzle like them so much, this owl is one of my favorite designs, its made from loads of different photographs to give it a patchwork/collage look. Click … Continue reading

Psychedelic Crazy Fractal Art Shoes

These shoes are available to buy in my zazzle shop (just click on the link under the picture and it will take you there) Crazy Fractal Purple terquoise by PhotographyByPixie

My Interview has been published

I had my first online interview about my photography, art and life last week and it’s just been published click on the link here to read it I hope you enjoy 🙂

This is the wettest drought on record!!

The drought in the UK is hopefully over! It’s been raining here all day now so at least the farmers will be happy! Hopefully it’ll carry on all week as the ground is so dry, it’s going to take a … Continue reading

Listen to music in style!

I now have a huge range of Doodle Portable Music Speakers available to buy in my shop so you can now listen to your music in style! Each speaker is created using my own artwork & photography so will make … Continue reading

Photography By Pixie’s photostream

Photography By Pixie’s photostream on Flickr. I’ve just added some more pictures to my flikr photostream

Orange Daisy Gerbra Flower Photo Greeting Card

Card – Orange Daisy Gerbra Flower by PhotographyByPixie

The Green Thing .. a MUST read!

I received this as an email and just HAD to share it with everyone on here! The Green Thing In the line at the supermarket, the cashier told the older woman that she should bring her own grocery bag because … Continue reading

My Memories of the Maldives

Maldives Island Boat by PhotographyByPixie Today i’ve been reminiscing about our weddidng and looking through our pictures, i can’t belive it’s nearly our first years anniversary, must think of a suitable present made of paper for my husband, at least … Continue reading

My art is being displayed in the Library .. yay!!

Yay, I was asked if i’d display one of my fractal pictures in a library to brighten the place up so as from today it can be seen in St Neots Library, Cambridgeshire. This is the picture .. and i’m … Continue reading

My Latest Design

This is my latest design, It can be printed on to posters, canvases, greeting cards, ipad and iphone cases, keyrings, stickers, postcards, bags, mugs and many other items in my online shop here Macro Rainbow Roses by PhotographyByPixie

My Photo shoot in the Houses of Parliament

We went to london on Wednesday as planned to do a photo shoot in the Houses of Parliament, wow .. what a day that was!! absolutely amazing place! I stood on the same spot as Obama did last week and … Continue reading

40% Off All Posters in my shop, One day special for Fathers Day – Use Code: 2DADDYSDEALS

One Day Special for Fathers Day 40% Off ALL Posters in my shop! Use Code: 2DADDYSDEALS Orange Daisy Gerbra Flower Print by PhotographyByPixie