My Photo shoot in the Houses of Parliament

We went to london on Wednesday as planned to do a photo shoot in the Houses of Parliament, wow .. what a day that was!! absolutely amazing place!
I stood on the same spot as Obama did last week and also stood at the spot where the queen mother was laid to rest so had a minuites silence for her.

I also walked the same route as the queen takes when she opens parliament, it felt really strange following the queens foot steps!
Every single inch of every room (apart from the House of Commons Chamber) was decorated in gold and bright colours, paintings all over the place and hundreds of stained glass windows.
It was much more elaborate than i had imagined and am really looking forward to sorting through all of my photos.
Have a look around for yourself in this online tour thats on the parliament website.

About Photography By Pixie

Photographer, graphic designer and fractal artist from Cambridge UK. Loves photographing bright colours, creating fun designs and making psychedelic fractal art in adobe photoshop.

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