Rather happy with myself again at the moment! I've just got the news that 2 of my photos have done well in the Sydney Harbour International photography competition and will be exhibited there!
Such a shame I'm the other side of the world as I love Sydney Harbour and wish I could visit my Australian family again!

The pictures that will be on display are these ones

Fisheye daffodil landscape
Fisheye Daffodil Landscape

Nude in a window
Art Nude Print
(sorry about having to censor the art nude picture here, I have to keep this account child friendly!)

My Sydney Harbour International Photography Competition Results … – http://bit.ly/1kGvouC via my livejournal

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Photographer, graphic designer and fractal artist from Cambridge UK. Loves photographing bright colours, creating fun designs and making psychedelic fractal art in adobe photoshop.

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