woohoo more good news! I've just received the Aphrodite photography title (distinction/qualification) for a panel of 10 photographs that I submitted to the UPI (an International photography organisation) … absolutely over the moon!
.. and to top it off I've also just found out that I've had 3 more photos accepted in to an exhibition and a huge music festival in Serbia!
Here's a copy of the pictures I gained my UPI title with, I had to submit 2 pictures in 5 different categories as you will see below!!
UPI Pictures c
Sorry once again for having to cover some of the art nudes with a censored sign, I have to keep it safe just in case children or easily offended folk are around!

Diary / Journal – My latest photography news (Title and Acceptances) – http://bit.ly/1oOeoqJ via my livejournal

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Photographer, graphic designer and fractal artist from Cambridge UK. Loves photographing bright colours, creating fun designs and making psychedelic fractal art in adobe photoshop.

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