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Clown fish – This photo was taken while scuba diving in the Red Sea Egypt in October 2012

Sergeant Major Fish in Egypt 2012 12 by ~photographybypixie

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Pink Rose with RaindropsNemo Clown Fish in Egypt 2012 1Yellow and Black Butterfly Fish in Egypt 2012 2Yellow and Black Butterfly Fish and Sergent Major Fish in Egypt 2012 2

Photography By Pixie’s photostream on Flickr.

Even more new pictures on my flickr photostream!
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I’m at st neots! Thinking about Winter: Car windows are frozen! Good start for our scuba diving trip today!!

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I am thinking about Scuba diving

“Up at 6am to practice being an ‘Assistant Dive Manager’ for my BSAC sports diver course! now thats dedication!!”

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Scuba diving on

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! Still searching for our scuba teddy bear 🙁

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! Been searching for my scuba diving teddy bear all afternoon, still can’t find him 🙁

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! Lost scuba diving teddy bear on temple reef, please return to the reef oasis hotel for a big reward!

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! So upset! We lost our scuba teddy bear while diving today… Big reward for the person who finds and returns him to r

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! Thinking about Scuba diving: Tiny baby dive today to see if my shoulder will be ok for a proper dive tomorrow! Hopefully it will be!!

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Drying out after a great day of #scuba #diving #instagram @photobypixie (Taken with Instagram at Reef Oasis Diving Club)

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It’s #scuba #diving night!

Photo taken with my iPhone – from Instagram:

Scuba diving teddy bear wins a competition

wooohooo we’ve won a competition involving a photo, a teddy bear, scuba diving, and a very confussed Egyptian man! Back in October we went on holiday to Egypt and flew with Easyjet. While we were on the plane we saw a teddy bear that they … Continue reading

Life with my new Livescribe Smartpen .. I’m super organized!

It’s been a while since i’ve written a blog so thought I’d write one with my new Livescribe Smartpen I’m handwriting this text in a special notebook with a special pen then when I get home I ‘ll plug the … Continue reading

Photo of the day – angel fish egypt

Photo of the day – Angel fish – taken while scuba diving in Egypt All images are ©copyright Claire Copley 2012 All Rights Reserved. You can buy many of my designs and photos printed on canvases, cards, ipad and iphone … Continue reading

Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

I’m back after a fantastic scuba diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. We did our PADI open water course last year and went back to the same hotel (Reef Oasis) to get some more diving in! The sea seemed … Continue reading

Satan on holidays .. or not! (part 3)

Hello eveyone, it’s satan the cat again! I thought i’d pop on and write another blog before my pre-dinner nap and let you all know that i’ve been told i MUST stay here and guard the house while Pixie and … Continue reading

Satan on holidays (part 2)

You remember I recently said that I had see on TV that dogs sometimes take their humans on holiday and that I am going to persuade Pixie and Rich to let me take them on holiday. Well, it did not … Continue reading

Amazing Site – a must see!! .. Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor

I stumbled upon this site earlier and had to share it in this blog, I think it’s amazing!! I’d love to scuba dive around these beautiful creations. Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor