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Funky Rainbow Swirls Pattern
Purple Lotus Flower
blue fractal art
Rainbow Rose Flower

My name is Pixie Copley, fine art photography, fractal art and graphic design are my passion.

I live near Cambridge, UK with my kitty cat and hundreds of teddy bears! I enjoy taking photographs and creating art that feature bright colours, especially the bright colours that are found in nature. I also love taking still life and art nude portraits both in a studio or on location, and like experimenting with contemporary abstract photography too.

I studied art, design and photography in Cambridge then got my first job at a local graphic design and screen printing company in 1995 where I learned all about working with clients and meeting tight deadlines. I opened the doors to my own digital media and graphics business ‘Pix and Mix’ in 2007 and spend the day working on a huge variety of design and digital media work for clients.

During my time off I am either outside with my camera or in front of the computer creating fractal art in Adobe Photoshop.
I then sell my fractal art and retro patterns printed on to a huge range of gifts in my Hippy Gift Shop.

In 2009 I had my first taste of scuba diving, I rented an underwater camera and quickly became addicted. I am now a member of a BSAC diving club and really enjoy developing my underwater skills, I spend most Sunday nights taking lessons or taking part in training sessions in a pool then travel to more tropical waters and put my skills in to practice by photographing the amazing underwater life.

I’m also a member of St Neots camera club and I regularly take part in competitions, exhibitions, workshops and lectures to develop my photography skills and learn new techniques and not forgetting the most important thing of receiving helpful critique, tips and advice.
I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio of fine art photography and fractal art prints.

Pix and Mix Graphic Design
Scuba Diving Photo
Angel fish
 twinkle twinkle little duck
black and white spectacled owl

Pink Fractal Art
My cat Satan
Purple Masquerade Mask

rock / goth / metal music
cake and pie
spinning poi
yoga and meditating
my cat (Satan)
the sea
summer festivals
looking at the moon
thunder storms
talking on the phone
fish chowder
rude people
labelling and stereotyping
sergeant major fish Egypt
Pixie cartoon picture
Pixie Photo

My Bucket List

Go parasailing over the sea Done twice in October 2014 while in the Maldives (I had at least 6 Dolphins jumping in the sea under me, got my feet dunked and walked on water too!)
Walk across hot coals
Go indoor skydiving
Go for a jet pack joyride
Go in a hot air balloon
Make a snowball that’s bigger than me
Ride in a helicopter
Catch snow in my mouth while swimming Did it in December 2012 while spending a day and evening at the spa in Center Parcs Thetford UK
Visit Kennady Space Center Did in April 2007
Watch a space shuttle Launch
Visit the Euro Space Center
Take a trip on the International Space Station
Float in the Red Sea Done 4 times now!
Get a house in Camden London
Get a house and a studio by the beach in Brighton
Write a book and get it published
Go on a cruise
Teach my cat to play fetch Done
Adopt a child
Find some Malachite (or any other precious stone) and get it turned in to jewellery
Explore a ghost town
Travel around the world and gain a day Done in 1998 but need to do it again!
Go storm chasing
Photograph the Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye
Stay in the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore
Go on the London Eye
Meet Johnny Depp (or that could be EAT Johnny Depp)
Own a house bunny Done in 2004-2010 she was called Lovely Buns and was amazing!
Go punting in Cambridge – Lived here for most of my life but never been punting!
Work on a theater set
See a firefly
Have dinner at the Dark restaurant in London
Go to Japan
Spend Christmas in Lapland
Spend the night in an Igloo
Go to the Maldives Been three times now and hope to go again!
Go to Africa
Do a reverse bungee
Ride the worlds longest zipline
Experience a very mild earthquake Done in 2008
Visit Thailand
Visit Giants Causeway in Ireland
Swim with Dolphins Done in Egypt in 2012
Photograph the coloured canyon in Petra
Swim the English Channel to France
Go shopping in New York
Go to the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) Festival in Mexico
Wear my PJ’s in public wore them to the chip shop!
Eat at the Burj Al Arab Underwater restaurant in Dubai
Photograph the Taiwan lantern festival
Visit the Rainbow Village in Taichung, Taiwan
Swim with Turtles Done in the Maldives in 2010
Visit Barcelona
Visit the Crooked Forest in Gryfino, Poland
Dance naked in the rain Done in 2013 in my back garden!
Have a mud fight
Make a rainbow cake
See and photograph the Northern Lights Was lucky enough to see and photograph them 3 times in Iceland (December 2014)
Visit Yellowstone Park USA
Visit Tibet
Eat oysters in Galway Ireland
Hug the worlds oldest living tree in the white mountains of California
Do an underwater photo shoot with a model
Go scuba diving at Jason Caires Taylors underwater statue park in Mexico (with my camera)

You can read more about me on infographic below and on my about.me – Photography by Pixie page
or you can see all my links on appearoo.com

infographic about me and my photography and art

infographic about me and my photography and art

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