Fractal Art

Here you will find out all about fractal art and see samples of fractals in my slideshow gallery.

What is a Fractal

A fractal is a complex endlessly repeating pattern that is created by a geometric shape, it can be divided in to parts and each part is a nearly identical but reduced size copy of the whole.

        Crazy Fractal Art psychedelic pattern in pink  rainbow psychadelic eye fractal art print

Fractals are widely seen in nature, a leaf, a sunflower, a rose, the feathers on a peacock and the strange and alien like vegetable the romanesco broccoli are all great examples of fractals along with sea shells, snow flakes and a fork of lightning.

green and yellow leaf fractal  dandelion fractal  sunflower fractal     romanesco broccoli fractal

What is Fractal Art

Fractal art has become more and more popular since the 1980’s and is usually generated on a computer with fractal generating programs like Ultra Fractal, Apophysis and Chaos Pro that use maths calculations to achieve the result. The fractal artist usually creates their art by using mathematical formulas and setting parameters then viewing the result.

What’s different about my Fractal Art

My fractal art is different as I don’t use fractal generating programs. I create my fractal art in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and use my eyes to achieve the results, I stay away from mathematical parameters and formulas (I always hated maths at school!)
I have used fractal generating programs in the past but the don’t satisfy my creative muse, I get bored with typing numbers in to little boxes and much prefer to create patterns and textures then manipulate them in to these psychedelic designs. Many of my fractal art creations started their life as a photograph. I see patterns and textures (especially in nature) then photograph them and turn them in to this crazy, psychedelic art.
You can learn how to create fractals on this squidoo site that I’ve put together – Top 10 Fractal Tutorials and you can see a huge selection of my psychedelic fractal art and patterns in the slideshow below.

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hippie fractal art gifts

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