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I’m at Cambridge! Thinking about Fireworks: Off to photograph the fireworks in #cambridge tonight http://4sq.com/b20kRb

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I’m at st neots! Thinking about Fireworks: Watching some fireworks! http://4sq.com/ufyFII

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I’m at Bedford! Picking up more photo mounts for the craft fair in a couple of weeks! http://4sq.com/k2KGV8

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I’m at st neots! http://4sq.com/ufyFII

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I’m at Kimbolton! On my way to #Kimbolton #fireworks display 😀 http://4sq.com/kFF2b3

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I’m at Services Jnct 13 (A14)! http://4sq.com/TBdPAG

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I’m at Stoney Cove! Egg and #bacon bitty and hot #chocolate #nomnom http://4sq.com/9msp7u

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I’m at st neots! Thinking about Winter: Car windows are frozen! Good start for our scuba diving trip today!! http://4sq.com/ufyFII

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I’m at Pixie’s Creative Place! http://4sq.com/RwG00n

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I’m at Pix and Mix Digital Media! Thinking about Internet: I’ve just broken the Internet oops! http://4sq.com/TyYYVB

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I’m at Market Square! The traffic in St Neots town is terrible! http://4sq.com/p5Wa2g

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I’m at Hitchin! Blooming foggy in the UK tonight! Take me back to Egypt!! http://4sq.com/IU5HVc

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I’m at London Luton Airport (LTN)! It’s cold here!! http://4sq.com/45BArN

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I’m at K Lounge! Waiting to fly!! http://4sq.com/HuKI9X

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I’m at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH)! 🙁 http://4sq.com/abwhv2

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I’m at Reef Oasis Senses Resort! Last hour of sitting by the pool until we return to the cold and wet UK 🙁 http://4sq.com/GEgZld

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I’m at Reef Oasis Diving Club! Goodbye dive club, we will miss you! See u next year! Xxx http://4sq.com/RkssWE

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! Goodbye Temple Dive Site for another year 🙁 http://4sq.com/xyEz3h

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I’m at Shisha Bar! Last night at the #shisha bar .. until next year! http://4sq.com/RmoKwh

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! Our last dive was cancelled today humf humf humf 🙁 http://4sq.com/xyEz3h

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I’m at Reef Oasis Senses Resort! Thinking about Egypt: My last full day in Egypt, gutted! Back to the cold and rain in the UK tomorrow night! http://4sq.com/GEgZld

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I’m at Shisha Bar! Time for a #coffee #shisha http://4sq.com/RmoKwh

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I’m at Reef Oasis Senses Resort! Made it back to the hotel in 1 bit after being driven down the road in the wrong direction for 5 miles! http://4sq.com/GEgZld

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I’m at Soho Square! Loving the musical water fountain! http://4sq.com/oC2Z1A

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I’m at Temple (Dive Site)! Still searching for our scuba teddy bear 🙁 http://4sq.com/xyEz3h

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