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Oops I haven't written here for a while again so thought I'd pop on and jot down what I've been up too!
I've been working on a mega cool website for a client, they are hoping to launch it next week so we're just adding the finishing touches and checking for bugs!
I've also been sorting through my recent photos and getting them online and ready to sell as prints and working on my secret photography project, not long now until I can spill the beans on that and tell you all!.

As for the farm I've been trying to spend as much time as possible there too, the strawberries are starting to ripen and we've found the culprit who has been steeling them in the middle of the night!
We thought it was birds but I caught the criminal in action on Saturday evening, a cute squirrel was sitting in the middle of the greenhouse with a huge fat strawberry in it's hands!
We spent most of Sunday patching up the holes so the squirrel can't get in, I feel kind of sorry for him now but I'm sure he wont starve!

We also came across a nest of Starlings, I didn't want to get too close but I'm pretty sure there are at least 2 healthy baby birdies inside. The mother was away from the nest when we first spotted it so have been going back and taking a peek from a distance every now and then and have seen the mother so glad they're being looked after!
Anyway I'm off as it's carbonara for dinner tonight, with some lovely free range eggs that we picked up from the farm, followed by a few strawberries! 😀

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