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Hi everyone, I thought I’d post a digital art picture that I’ve been working on, I’ve combined 5 photos of a vampire girl, grave stone, graveyard, church and the moon and have edited them to create this spooky scene!
I went to an awesome workshop in London last Sunday and was shown how to create lots of freaky effects in photoshop. I got inspired and rushed home to practice the techniques before I forgot them all again.
After a long search through my photo library I found 5 pictures that ‘sort of’ work together and came up with this!
It’s my first attempt at creating anything like this in well over 7 years and will make sure I start shooting pictures to use for digital art projects like this in future!
Any critique is very welcome, good or bad it’ll help me to learn!
Digital art vampire graveyard and moon picture

Here’s the first few photos taken with my newly converted infrared camera!
It arrived yesterday morning so we took a visit to Nene Park in Peterborough to test it out on some landscape photography and have a nice walk at the same time!
The photos have only been edited very quickly and I’m not 100% happy with the results but will keep working on them and experimenting with different settings on the camera until I am happy … I have a feeling this is gonna be a whole new learning experience!! 😀

The camera was converted to a 665nM wavelength filter so if anyone has any tips and advice I’d very much like to know, all hints welcome, please comment below or contact me via the form on my website.

infrared landscape photography