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After 21+ years I've finally got around to doing some more felt making!
I created this picture out of wool fibers last night, it took about 4 hours and is the perfect size to make a bag or a pillow with.
I think i've caught the bug again so hopefully it wont take me another 21 years to make another one!
handmade felt picture

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Oops I've had a manic few weeks and forgot to post anything here!
I've had an epic weekend and a few days off with friends, I went to Strawberry fair in Cambridge on Saturday then stayed with friends where I discovered geocaching! We found 2 caches quite near to where they live so I swapped a trinket and have it tied in my dreadlocks in memory of losing my geocaching virginity! Back to work tomorrow so it's an early night for me tonight, catch up with everyone soon 😀

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