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It's been a while since I last wrote a Journal so thought I'd pop by and tell you what I've been up too … I've spent most of April traveling around various parts of The UK with my camera and laptop close by!
I started my adventures in Torquey, I love Devon so was glad to be down in that part of the world again. I spent a night there then had a first time visit to Western Super Mare, what a great place! The beach is amazing and the tide goes out so far, I could almost walk to Wales! The pier is so funky at night when it's light up, it turns the sea blood red so glad I had my camera close by!
western super mare pier
After Western I found myself in Bristol, another place I'd wanted to visit for years, I really love the town with all the arty markets, I'll be planning a longer trip back there sometime soon!
I also popped in to Bath for the afternoon as I'll be going back in the next couple of months to do something rather special .. watch out for future posts about this!

After Bath I found myself at Cheddar Gorge, the caves are just amazing so my camera was having a field day! I think I'll be spending some more time there in a couple of months too!
cheddar gorge caves
I managed to finish off a website job and do a brochure design while I was away too so glad to be back traveling while working again!

I had to come back home after that as I had some meetings planned and missed my cat, after a few days I'd caught up with work/the washing/stroking the cat and everything else i needed to do so spent 6 days on a cliff top in between Cromer and Sherringham!

We were there over the Easter weekend and had a wicked time with my family, we traveled around there lots too visiting Holt,, Wroxham, Wells next to the sea, and Norwich twice!
We also went to the little theater in Sherringham to see a group of under 19 year olds perform Les Misérables … wow what I can I say, it was absolutely amazing, I wasn't expecting much as it was a school version but the young adults and a couple of really young kids were fantastic, I'm pretty sure most of them will be famous one day!

I got back from the cliff tops on Tuesday as I had another coupe of meeting planned and had to finish off a bit of work that I couldn't do while I was away. I also went and did some more voluntary work yesterday at a berry farm and think I beat my record for planting Strawberrys, I re potted just under 100 plants so my back and arms are feeling it today!

I'm off to the cliff tops of Cromer/Sherringham again tomorrow for the weekend and have a rather funky photography/graphics job to do while I'm there! I'm hoping the sky will be clear this time too as I could spend all night looking up at the stars, it's so good being out of a town and in the darkness, hopefully I'll get another chance to photograph some more beautiful sunsets too like this one last week!
sunset cromer - sherringham sm
I'm so glad things are more settled here this year and I can travel around again with my camera and laptop, I haven't been able to leave the house/office/town much over the last couple of years with work and other commitments so it's nice being out and about again! 😀

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