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Today I am #thankful for
1. Final taking the filing cabinet that’s been sitting in the middle of our living room for 2 years to the office (that looks like a shed!)
2. For my cat to be taking her antibiotics like a good girl (they are mixed up in tuna!!)
3. For my husband who is putting a display of sunflowers from our garden in to a vase so we can enjoy them from inside the house!

from my Facebook profile – Pixie Mix Copley

The time has finally come when I can tell you all about my news! I went away to Bath last week to submit a panel of pictures to the Royal Photographic Society and I gained a Licentiate Distinction so now have the letters LRPS after my name!

I don't think I've ever been so nervous (apart from my wedding day where I turned in to a quivering wreck!) I only told a few family members and a few very close friends what I was doing as I wanted to stay as calm as possible and didn't want to tempt fate!
I was really nervous about my panel of images as it was quite different to most that are submitted. It ran as one long line of 10 images and most people submit panels with 2 rows of 5 images.
I was warned that there had only been 2 successful panels that had been displayed this way before but I felt my panel had a strong reason to be displayed like this, I just want sure wasn't sure what the judges would think!

My weeks of panic and nervousness soon turned in to excitement when I heard all the positive comments from the judges, I just wish I could remember every word they said! My mind was going haywire but they loved my work and I felt so relieved!
I was told not to publish anything about it online until I received my confirmation letter so have been having a really hard job keeping quiet now the nerves have gone!

I was over the moon when I received the confirmation email and even more excited when I received an email asking if my images and hanging plan could be used on the Royal Photography Societys website. They said that they only pick a handful of examples from those successful so this is a real honour!.

I've included the hanging plan and pictures below so you can see!
LRPS hanging plan - Claire Pixie Copley
red gerbera flower with water drop

orange butterfly

macro red hot poker flower


Abstract green leaves

Fish Eye Daffodil Landscape

cornet fish - Red Sea Egypt

Purple Waterdrop

macro purple clematis

Purple Lotus Flower

Diary/Journal I gained a Distinction from the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) – http://bit.ly/1lfauau via my livejournal

The baby birds have flown and left the nest!
When I arrived at the farm on Monday I dashed over to our nest viewing position (a few meters away from the nest) and was greeted by one baby bird, the other two babies and the mother were no where to be seen!
I went back and checked an hour later and the other baby had gone too, it was just like he was waiting for us to arrive before he left, I'm so glad I got the chance to say goodbye! I'm such a soppy so-and-so!

I've been trying to write this post since Monday night but have been wrapped up in building a website and re-designing a logo for a couple of clients.
I'm hoping to go back to the farm tomorrow after work as lots of strawberries need some loving care!
Off to eat dinner now, its gammon, eggs, chips and asparagus! The eggs are from the farm, potatoes from my garden and asparagus from my mums garden so looking forward to some locally produced food! Then for afters I may dip in to the strawberry jam and fresh strawberries, both from the farm too!

I hope you all have a lovely evening ๐Ÿ˜€

Diary / Journal The birds have flown … – http://bit.ly/TejNg5 via my livejournal

woohoo more good news! I've just received the Aphrodite photography title (distinction/qualification) for a panel of 10 photographs that I submitted to the UPI (an International photography organisation) … absolutely over the moon!
.. and to top it off I've also just found out that I've had 3 more photos accepted in to an exhibition and a huge music festival in Serbia!
Here's a copy of the pictures I gained my UPI title with, I had to submit 2 pictures in 5 different categories as you will see below!!
UPI Pictures c
Sorry once again for having to cover some of the art nudes with a censored sign, I have to keep it safe just in case children or easily offended folk are around!

Diary / Journal – My latest photography news (Title and Acceptances) – http://bit.ly/1oOeoqJ via my livejournal

Oops I haven't written here for a while again so thought I'd pop on and jot down what I've been up too!
I've been working on a mega cool website for a client, they are hoping to launch it next week so we're just adding the finishing touches and checking for bugs!
I've also been sorting through my recent photos and getting them online and ready to sell as prints and working on my secret photography project, not long now until I can spill the beans on that and tell you all!.

As for the farm I've been trying to spend as much time as possible there too, the strawberries are starting to ripen and we've found the culprit who has been steeling them in the middle of the night!
We thought it was birds but I caught the criminal in action on Saturday evening, a cute squirrel was sitting in the middle of the greenhouse with a huge fat strawberry in it's hands!
We spent most of Sunday patching up the holes so the squirrel can't get in, I feel kind of sorry for him now but I'm sure he wont starve!

We also came across a nest of Starlings, I didn't want to get too close but I'm pretty sure there are at least 2 healthy baby birdies inside. The mother was away from the nest when we first spotted it so have been going back and taking a peek from a distance every now and then and have seen the mother so glad they're being looked after!
Anyway I'm off as it's carbonara for dinner tonight, with some lovely free range eggs that we picked up from the farm, followed by a few strawberries! ๐Ÿ˜€

Journal / Diary – Photography and Farming Fun … – http://bit.ly/1tKHLfY via my livejournal

Had another really mega fun day today volunteering up at Moggerhanger Home Farm in Bedfordshire with the Moggerberry team.
We managed to get lots done including finishing off one of the tables that the plants sit on, re-potting billions of tomato plants, sweet peppers and have now been set the mission to grow Watermelons in the UK!
We planted about 40 seeds so we'll see what happens over the next few months … hopefully talking to them will do the trick and they will grow in to big healthy plants baring lots of fruit, I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed!
moggerberrys at moggerhanger 7
If anyone from the Bedford or surrounding area would like to spend the day in the beautiful countryside helping out at the farm then please get in touch with me at photographybypixie@gmail.com
We all have really good fun and it's all for a great cause!
Find out a bit more about the moggerberry team by watching this short video.
http://bit.ly/1mCU9u8 – moggerberry team

Journal – #Volunteering at #Moggerhanger Home Farm in Bedfordshire #Bedford … – http://bit.ly/1inbvf7 via my livejournal

wowweee, as soon as I posted the results of the Australian photography competition I get the news that another 3 of my photos have been accepted in the artfoto international exhibition!

Here's the pictures I entered (if you click on the pictures you can see the un-censored versions in my flickr photostream)

fashionista small

The Crab
The Crab small

Nude in a window
Art Nude Print

(sorry about having to censor the art nude pictures here, I have to keep this account child friendly!)

Over the moon .. 3 more pictures accepted in another Photography Competition! – http://bit.ly/1huZYGC via my livejournal

Rather happy with myself again at the moment! I've just got the news that 2 of my photos have done well in the Sydney Harbour International photography competition and will be exhibited there!
Such a shame I'm the other side of the world as I love Sydney Harbour and wish I could visit my Australian family again!

The pictures that will be on display are these ones

Fisheye daffodil landscape
Fisheye Daffodil Landscape

Nude in a window
Art Nude Print
(sorry about having to censor the art nude picture here, I have to keep this account child friendly!)

My Sydney Harbour International Photography Competition Results … – http://bit.ly/1kGvouC via my livejournal

It's been a while since I last wrote a Journal so thought I'd pop by and tell you what I've been up too … I've spent most of April traveling around various parts of The UK with my camera and laptop close by!
I started my adventures in Torquey, I love Devon so was glad to be down in that part of the world again. I spent a night there then had a first time visit to Western Super Mare, what a great place! The beach is amazing and the tide goes out so far, I could almost walk to Wales! The pier is so funky at night when it's light up, it turns the sea blood red so glad I had my camera close by!
western super mare pier
After Western I found myself in Bristol, another place I'd wanted to visit for years, I really love the town with all the arty markets, I'll be planning a longer trip back there sometime soon!
I also popped in to Bath for the afternoon as I'll be going back in the next couple of months to do something rather special .. watch out for future posts about this!

After Bath I found myself at Cheddar Gorge, the caves are just amazing so my camera was having a field day! I think I'll be spending some more time there in a couple of months too!
cheddar gorge caves
I managed to finish off a website job and do a brochure design while I was away too so glad to be back traveling while working again!

I had to come back home after that as I had some meetings planned and missed my cat, after a few days I'd caught up with work/the washing/stroking the cat and everything else i needed to do so spent 6 days on a cliff top in between Cromer and Sherringham!

We were there over the Easter weekend and had a wicked time with my family, we traveled around there lots too visiting Holt,, Wroxham, Wells next to the sea, and Norwich twice!
We also went to the little theater in Sherringham to see a group of under 19 year olds perform Les Misérables … wow what I can I say, it was absolutely amazing, I wasn't expecting much as it was a school version but the young adults and a couple of really young kids were fantastic, I'm pretty sure most of them will be famous one day!

I got back from the cliff tops on Tuesday as I had another coupe of meeting planned and had to finish off a bit of work that I couldn't do while I was away. I also went and did some more voluntary work yesterday at a berry farm and think I beat my record for planting Strawberrys, I re potted just under 100 plants so my back and arms are feeling it today!

I'm off to the cliff tops of Cromer/Sherringham again tomorrow for the weekend and have a rather funky photography/graphics job to do while I'm there! I'm hoping the sky will be clear this time too as I could spend all night looking up at the stars, it's so good being out of a town and in the darkness, hopefully I'll get another chance to photograph some more beautiful sunsets too like this one last week!
sunset cromer - sherringham sm
I'm so glad things are more settled here this year and I can travel around again with my camera and laptop, I haven't been able to leave the house/office/town much over the last couple of years with work and other commitments so it's nice being out and about again! ๐Ÿ˜€

My Journal – My adventures in April … – http://bit.ly/1hp8t9s via my livejournal

Got my results back from the International photography competition that I entered in Greece last night and
and all 4 pictures that I submitted have been accepted at least once. I'm absolutely over the moon!

My Cornet Fish was accepted in Rhodos

My Rainbow Rose was accepted in Mykonos

My Red Gerbera was accepted in Rhodos

and My Art Nude was accepted in Crete, Mykonos and Rhodos

You can see larger versions of these pictures by clicking on the images below (only adults with a flickr account will be able to view the art nude and I can only post the censored version here)

Cornet Fish Print
Cornet Fish - Red Sea Egypt

Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose

Red Gerbera
Red Gerbera Flower Print

Art Nude Print
Art Nude Print

My Photography Competition Results … – http://bit.ly/1cJqGsw via my livejournal

Just finished getting my prints and digital images ready for this years exhibition and I'm 2 weeks early .. almost makes up for last year when I missed it as I had .. ermm lets call it 'work commitments'!!

Now off to work on my next panel of pictures and hopefully gain my distinction! ๐Ÿ˜€
photo of prints for exhibition

Prints ready for this years exhibition! … – http://bit.ly/1lqBjXo via my livejournal

Back from Leeds with an O2 administration qualification for scuba diving, I passed … Yay!

Passed my scuba diving exam! – http://bit.ly/1iASg09 via my livejournal

Packed my bags and we’re on a road trip to Leeds for the night in search of graffiti! We also have a O2 administration course for our scuba diving qualification during the day tomorrow, wonder if we’ll get to sample it! ๐Ÿ˜€

Bags packed and were off to Leeds! … – http://bit.ly/1g1AEcC via my livejournal

Finally getting a chance to sort some photos out for this years exhibition, finally getting a chance to update my livejournal too, it’s been a crazy, crazy, mad few months here! ๐Ÿ˜€

Getting some pictures ready for this years exhibition! ๐Ÿ˜€ via my livejournal

Woohoo I’ve just popped out and bought myself a new Wacom Inkling Pen (I’m such a gadget geek!)
It’s going to make my creative life so much easier as I can sketch pictures in a normal notepad then convert them to Photoshop files in an instant ……….. I just have to wait 3 hours for it to charge now!!
It’ll save so much time in the future and make my old(ish) scanner redundant but at least I now have something that fits in my pocket!

Here’s a link to a video of the ‘inklink pen’ if you have no idea what i’m talking about. I have a feeling my new gadget will replace my pencil and become another part of my body in no time!
I’ll keep you all posted and let you know how I get on!

Click here to see the inkling pen video

Hi all it’s Satan the Cat again. I just had to pop on and tell you some news.
Pixieโ€™s Dad has been very pleased lately about sport (he is a big fan of sport). Cats are not usually very interested in sport (except mouse-catching) but even I got quite excited about it over the past few months so thought I’d write a blog.

In the summer we held the Olympics โ€“ which were absolutely brilliant! and the Paralympics โ€“ also absolutely brilliant! The best ever! (Mitt Romney came over here from the USA and was very rude, telling everyone that we could not organize it properly โ€“ well, Pixieโ€™s Dad said that we organized the Olympics much better than he organized his election campaign). One of our team (Matt) was a Games Maker โ€“ we were all very proud of him and all of the Games Makers who did such an absolutely wonderful job. It all made me purr with delight!

The other day our rugby team beat the great All Blacks (apparently black is an excellent colour for rugby kit as well as for cats) and after a disappointing start our cricket team is doing well in India โ€“ Pixieโ€™s Dad says good old Alistair Cook and the lads!

And what a big surprise about Arsenal losing on penalties last night to Bradford I watched most of the match from behind the sofa!

All this talk of sport is making me feel quite worn out, so I think it is time for a little nap.