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Hi all it’s Satan the Cat again. I just had to pop on and tell you some news.
Pixie’s Dad has been very pleased lately about sport (he is a big fan of sport). Cats are not usually very interested in sport (except mouse-catching) but even I got quite excited about it over the past few months so thought I’d write a blog.

In the summer we held the Olympics – which were absolutely brilliant! and the Paralympics – also absolutely brilliant! The best ever! (Mitt Romney came over here from the USA and was very rude, telling everyone that we could not organize it properly – well, Pixie’s Dad said that we organized the Olympics much better than he organized his election campaign). One of our team (Matt) was a Games Maker – we were all very proud of him and all of the Games Makers who did such an absolutely wonderful job. It all made me purr with delight!

The other day our rugby team beat the great All Blacks (apparently black is an excellent colour for rugby kit as well as for cats) and after a disappointing start our cricket team is doing well in India – Pixie’s Dad says good old Alistair Cook and the lads!

And what a big surprise about Arsenal losing on penalties last night to Bradford I watched most of the match from behind the sofa!

All this talk of sport is making me feel quite worn out, so I think it is time for a little nap.

A Cat Writes
Hi It’s Satan the Cat again, I’m back!
Apologies to my regular loyal followers – I have not been able to write for a while. You will be glad to hear that this is not due to illness, but is simply because Pixie has been working so hard on her shops and masses other graphics projects for local client that I have not been able to use her computer. Anyway, I have just discovered that now she has 2 computers and, since she cannot work on them both at once, I might sometimes get to use the other one. Pixie still does not know that I can type, so I have to be careful and do it when she isn’t looking. I will do my best to keep in touch! Time for a nap now, though. I will write again soon.
Oh hang on, I’ve just published this blog and have come across a blog that Pixie published earlier today, I was so excited when I saw it that I almost fell off the keyboard!
You never guess what Pixie has done, She’s made a range of christmas gifts that feature an illustration that was inspired by myself!
Oh boy I feel so honored … I now appear on a selection of gifts for everyone to buy, My picture is even on postage stamps, oh my, my, I do feel like the queen!

It’s most certainly time for a nap now so here is the link to Pixies Christmas Cat Gifts Blog, feel free to have a look while I catch up with my sleep!