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Here’s few more infrared landscape photos taken with our newly converted IR camera!

The weather has been slightly better over the last week and have seen a few gaps in the clouds so rushed out while I could!
They have come out far better than my first attempt (well I think so anyway!)
Roll on summer as I need the sun to be shining brightly to achieve the best results!
I’ll be adding larger versions of these photos and all my other infrared photos to my photography website here www.photographybypixie.com and my portfolio of photos here photographybypixie.weebly.com/portfolio as soon as possible, hopefully over the next few days if time is nice to me!
infrared landscape photography

infrared landscape photography taken in St Neots Cambridgeshire UK

Fireworks display in Cambridge UK on November 5th

Fireworks display

This is the wettest drought on record!!

The drought in the UK is hopefully over! It’s been raining here all day now so at least the farmers will be happy! Hopefully it’ll carry on all week as the ground is so dry, it’s going to take a … Continue reading


We’ve just stopped off and got a few picture of Stonehenge while on our way to Cornwall, it’s absolutely amazing! So glad I’ve seen and photographed it now! 🙂 keep a watch out as I’ll post some pictures as soon … Continue reading